Monday, March 26

old skul snacks

the excitement here in the office this morning was about these three old school snacks: Zeb-zeb corn puff , Pompoms cheese-flavored curls and Dorie's kropeck.

a closer look:

after the usual after-lunch kwentuhan last friday, we've decided to experience, yet again, these snacks that have been a part of our childhood. hindi ko maalala kung paano napunta sa mga chichiria yung usapan, pero n'ong sinabi na ni sherwin yung zeb-zeb, ayun, nag share na lahat ng mga natatandaan nila na chichiria noon. some mentioned were:
  • mister singko, mini round candies stored in a straw-like package that you can all eat in just one slurp.
  • milky bar, a milky bar candy with that famous smiling cow in its package.
  • plastic baloon and teks, though they're not really snacks (unless some of you made a snack out of it, which is um, um... creepy), it was also one of those things we love to buy from aling nena's sari-sari store. trivia: someone from the group bought a banig of plastic balloon from his/her first salary *wink, wink*
  • bazooka, cherry balls and big boy, chewing gums that were the closest to our hearts ♥
i volunteered to bring pompoms and zeb-zeb since it's still available in our palengke. i bought it yesterday before hearing mass. rey even sent me a text message reminding me about it. speaking of rey, he's the one who bought dorie's kropeck. mas masarap sana kung may suka, kaya lang bawal dito sa loob ng office, hehe :)

each and every one we offered the snacks to had a sudden smile on their faces by just hearing the name zeb-zeb, pompoms or dorie's. "uy kumakain ako nyan nung bata pa ako...", the majority said whenever they hear the name or they saw the packaging. some were requesting other snacks like cornbits and cheesedog.

ikaw? anong paborito mong chichiria noong bata ka pa?

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