Sunday, November 23

Camp Mossy, Bellini's and Marc Jacobs

Just got back from Kuya Jason's exhibit launch (Camp Mossy). I went there with Dominique, a friend of mine who had been here in the country for a while visiting from London. It was only the second time I visited Cubao Expo. The place was still as quaint as I remembered it the first time I went there for a segment shoot three years ago. But it seemed smaller, though. Maybe it's because the place is now packed with interesting stores. Every store has its own personality, even the owners. Dominique and I went inside one of the stores called The Reading Room. We checked out the vintage dresses on the store's rack. There's one particular dress that caught my attention. It's a long red patched dress with interesting pleats and details. I showed it to Dominique and wondered aloud how much the cost of the dress was. Rovilson Hernandez, the host of QTV's Ang Pinaka, was there at the store too. I asked the store owner if they're shooting for a segment for the show and said yes. She was really warm and friendly. She asked me if I was the one who's interested with the Marc Jacobs dress. Wow! I did not notice that I was holding a vintage Marc Jacobs dress. The store owner (silly me for forgetting to ask what her name was) then continued and shared that she has a strategy when selling her vintage clothes. She said that there are two kinds of vintage clothes buyers: the one that who plainly wants to own the dress and not wear them, and the one that buys the dress and plans to wear them. If the buyer is planning to do the latter, and the dress looks good on her, then the store owner gives a discount, and then raises the price if the buyer wants to do otherwise. Then she continued sharing other stories about how she got the clothes that she sells and how she plans on selling the dress that she is wearing as we speak. We wanted to stay longer, but we were really starving and we still need to find Pablo Gallery where Kuya Jason's exhibit launch will be held. We bid the store owner goodbye and said that we will definitely go back to her store.

I immediately recognized Kuya Jason from afar while Dominique and I was just approaching the Cubao X's street curve. I gave Kuya a hug and introduced my friend. The small gallery was inviting and was the perfect place for his paintings.  We went inside the gallery and checked out the paintings. There's one painting that resembled Rihanna and another that had "wongga ka" on its title. How very Jason :D We stayed there for a couple of minutes and approached Kuya and said that we will just go around the shops and be back later.

We had dinner at Bellini's, a cozy Itallian restaurant in a small corner of Cubao Expo. I was talking about the restaurant while on our way to Cubao and shared that I've been wanting to go back there since my last visit. I particulary shared about the story of the couple who owned the restaurant, but that would be worth another blog post, hehehe. I found out that Dominique also enjoy eating Italian cuisine. We were both excited and even joked that if the food is pricey, then we would transfer or we'll get in trouble not having enough money to pay for the meal. I was relieved that my friend find the prices reasonable. We ordered Pesto. We wanted to order pizza, but we do not have any idea which was the best one so we asked the waiter for a recommendation. He suggested we get the Quarter Pizza which was an 8-piece thin crust, four-flavored pizza.  The Pesto and the Quarter Pizza were amazing! My friend said that it tasted exactly as how the food tasted in Italy.

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