Monday, November 24

Camp Mossy, Bellini's and Marc Jacobs Part 2

I had to cut the first part of this post because I am way too tired and sleepy. The vintage Marc Jacobs dress costs Php 3000++, by the way. I regret not taking pictures while Dominique and I toured Cubao Expo, especially when we had our dinner at Bellini's. I was so enchanted by the place that I just concentrated on looking around and forgot to take pictures using my camera phone. We found interesting items on each and every store we went into. There's one store where they sell old photographs that dated way back from the 1920s. Some of the photos even had a dedication written at the back. Black and white photographs gives me chills sometimes, thinking how many hands and eyes have touched and looked at those phtographs. My friend and I went back to Pablo gallery after dinner. We only had the chance to see the paintings on the first floor because I had no idea that the exhibit extends to the second floor of the gallery. Free beer and barbecue were offered in the launch, plus Kuya Jason invited three bands to play that night. Dominique and I had to leave early because it's already 10 in the evening and we still have a long travel going back home. I am happy that my friend enjoyed out tour of Cubao. :D

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