Monday, November 17

Connected At Home

Finally, an Internet connection at home!! Weee! :D The technicians from Globe installed the broadband router yesterday afternoon. This was my father's surprise I blogged about a couple of days back. He applied for Globe Broadband's 995 unlimited Internet plan. The connection speed is up to 100Mbps, depending on the signal the modem receives. Not bad.

I went to Up Dharma Down's A.Shop launch gig at The Podium last Friday. It was a 45-minute set. The program was scheduled to start at 7pm, so I decided to do my errands early that day and left at home around 5pm. The 7pm gig became 8pm because of the pre-program where the host of the show raffle off some prizes to the guests. I stayed at Cinnabon during the pre-program. Ean approached me and introduced me to her lovely wife Denise and let me carry her daughter, Nea. Nea is the cuutest. She's got Ean's eyes.

They played Playground first, and a couple of songs from both the first and the second album. My father had asked me a couple of times why I insist on watching the same band over and over again. His issue was they will always play the same songs, and why bother and make a lot of effort? He continued his argument and said that I have the band's album and have seen all the videos they've released. I know, these thoughts came out of nowhere since I've been talking about the A.Shop gig, but the thing about Up Dharma Down and their live gigs is that they play their songs differently on each and every gig. They always put a new twist, arrangement and lyrics every time. It's like hearing their songs for the first time even though you've been to their gigs a hundred times.

Going back to the A.Shop gig -- Mayee, Chigo and other listers were there too.

*second photo by Jason Raval

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GreenMangoes said...

naks! nasama pala yung pangalan ko dito sa blog post mo. haha!


thanks! :)


Oo nga. Your father has a point. Pero I agree to your last statement: "it's like hearing them for the first time, yet you've been on their gig a hundred times."

Is your dad been a fan of an artist or celebrity? I'm sure. :)

Take care, belolats.. :)