Saturday, July 11

Anti-sec Movement On The Loose

Yay for the new lay-out! I decided to host my sidebar image at Imageshack, but this morning my hosted Images displayed this instead:

It's a message, more like a threat from the Anti-sec Movement. It seemed like they hacked into Imageshack's system and replaced all its registered user's hosted images with a plea. Or more like a warning to all the bloggers whom they thought were involved with "full-disclosure" policy.

Here's the full content of the message from the Anti-sec Movement:


proudly presents...

Anti-sec. We're a movement dedicated to the eradication of full-disclosure. We wanted to give everyone an image of what we're all about.

Full-disclosure is the disclosure of exploits publicly - anywhere. The security industry uses full-disclosure to profit and develop scare-tactics to convince people into buying their firewalls, anti-virus, software, and auditing services.

Meanwhile, script kiddies copy and paste these exploits and compile them, ready to strike any and all vulnerable servers they can get hold of. If whitehats were truly about security this stuff would not be published, not even exploits with silly edits to make them slightly unusable.
As an added bonus, if publication wasn't enough, these exploits mirrored and distributed widely across the Internet with a nice little advertisement embedded in them for the crew or website which exposed vulnerability to the public.

It's about money. While the world is difficult to change, and money will certainly continue to be very important in the eyes of many, our battle is that of the removal of full-disclosure for the purpose of making it harder for the security industry to exploit consequences.
It is our goal that, through mayhem and the destruction of all exploitive and detrimental communities, companies, and individuals, full-disclosure will be abandoned and the security industry will be forced to reform.

How do we plan to achieve this? Through the full and unrelenting, unmerciful elimination of all supporters of full-disclosure and the security industry in its present form. If you own a security blog, an exploit publication website or you distribute any exploits... "you are targeted and you will be rem'd. Only a matter of time."

This isn't like before. This time everyone and everything is getting owned.

Signed: The Anti-sec Movement


It sure read (or sounded) like a threat.

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Kimminentdanger said...

It WAS definitely a threat! I received notice from twitter about this yesterday. Good news is that image shack has successfully taken care of the anti secs & everything will be fine, according to Mashable.

I backed all my stuff up with Picasa & onto my hard drive just in case though!

: ) Kim