Friday, August 14

Fall 2009 TV Premieres

September is the month for the big premieres of Television series in the U.S. I researched about the shows and its corresponding premiere dates and found out that most of them are two weeks away. Yehoo!

Starting today, I will be giving a run-down of my favorite shows. Click on the name of the show for my post about it's up coming premiere episodes, season spoilers and previews. I am particularly excited about the up coming seasons of the following shows:

Another thing I am ecstatic about September's shower of season premieres are these three new shows that I cannot wait to add on my HD queue:
  • Glee (Fox), September 9 9:00 PM/ET
  • Vampire Diaries (The CW), September 10 8:00 PM/ET
  • Beautiful Life, The (The CW), September 16 9:00 PM/ET

I know there are a lot of shows but I have been particularly fond of the aforementioned shows. Any suggestions on what to add on my list of TV series to spend my couch potato time?

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Anonymous said...

House, Bones, Mentalist are all very good

do not disturb looks good

family guy, cleveland show, and simpsons if you like that type.