Friday, October 21

A Week In Metro Manila: Up Dharma Down Chicago World Premiere Poster

Tony shared the poster is being printed for the Chicago premiere today. I cannot wait to have my own copy, have it signed by Tony and the band, have it framed, and fill that empty wall space on my room. Now I have to find printer here too for the Manila premiere.

Terno's 10th Anniversary tonight at The Tents Alphaland in Magallanes. Super excited to see Up Dharma Down, Radioactive Sago Project, and Tahiti 80. Then go to the after party at Robot. 

Another thing I am excited about tonight (aside from finishing my article about medical uniforms) is shooting the concert and the event with my new baby. This is a surprise gift Tony sent me. Very sweet.

Meet my new baby: my Xacti CG-10 HD camcorder.
Thank you, Direk Tony :D ♥

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